Flotation Therapy

At SDP, we offer clients the opportunity of combining counselling sessions with flotation therapy. Flotation therapy involves a client entering a large, body-temperature tank of water. The water itself is very high in salt content, meaning that the client floats effortlessly (much like in the Dead Sea). Because of the water’s warm temperature, its buoyancy, and the fact that the tank itself is dark and sound-proofed, a very relaxing state can be achieved in a relatively short period of time. This state of relaxation is similar to that which can be achieved through meditation. It is often associated with people paying more attention to their bodies and beginning to focus more on what’s going on for them in the present moment. It can mark a departure from much of the busy, distracted form of experiencing we encounter in our day-to-day lives.

Research (see below for examples) attests to the myriad of benefits associated with flotation including lowering stress, increasing relaxation, alleviating depression or anxiety, improving sleep problems, and generally helping those who have floated to engage more readily in counselling sessions. At SDP, we can offer clients flotation therapy for far less than the usual price charged for stand-alone flotation sessions. Whilst sessions can often cost 40-60 euro per hour, SDP can offer its clients the very same hourly flotation experience for 25 euro on top of the cost of counselling sessions. Furthermore, we endeavour to facilitate clients having their flotation sessions at times which suit them in relation to their counselling. For maximum benefits, we suggest having your flotation session on the same day as (and preferably before) your counselling session. We strive to coordinate this with our partner in offering flotation therapy, the Harvest Moon Centre (which is located very nearby on Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2).

If you are interested, we can discuss flotation in greater detail during your initial assessment session. (Please see our Service Prices page for more info).

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